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Research Staff(alphabetical)

 Juan Luis Vega Croissier

Disclaimer. The Curriculum Vitae in this page, and any links from this page to websites outside of the domain, are the sole responsibility of Juan Luis Vega Croissier. The Banco de España is not responsible for their content.

Juan Luis Vega Croissier


International Economics and Euro Area Department

DG Economics, Statistics and Research

Contact Information

  • Address: Calle Alcalá 48, 28014 Madrid, España
  • Contact form 

Fields of Interest

  • Applied Macroeconomics
  • Monetary Policy

JEL Codes

  • No JEL Codes specified.

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications and Working Papers

  • “La UE frente al Brexit: el canal comercial” Enlace PDF: Abre en nueva ventana (3 MB)

    Juan Luis Vega, Alejandro Buesa y Moritz Roth

    Economistas, 166 (Febrero 2020)

  • “La revisión del marco de política monetaria de la Reserva Federal” Abre en nueva ventana

    Juan Luis Vega, Pedro del Río y Susana Párraga

    Artículos Analíticos, 28-10-2019, Banco de España

    JEL codes: E50, E52, E58

  • “Brexit: Estado de Situación y perspectivas” Abre en nueva ventana

    Documento Ocasional 1905, Banco de España.

  • “Central Banks, macroprudential Policy and the Spanish Experience”

    J.L. Vega, E. Alberola and C. Trucharte (2013)

    The Great Recession - Lessons for Central Bankers, MIT Press, pp. 99-121

  • “A first assessment of some measures of core inflation for the euro area” Abre en nueva ventana

    J.L. Vega Croissier; M Wynne (2003-08)

    German Economic Review - 4 (3): 269-306

  • “Research at a policy making institution: Launching research at the ECB”

    V. Gaspar; J.L. Vega Croissier (2002-12)

    Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics - 138 (4): 359-376

  • “The information content of M3 for future inflation in the euro area” Abre en nueva ventana

    C. Trecrocci; J.L. Vega Croissier (2002-01)

    Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv (Review of World Economics) - 138 (1): 22-53

  • “The demand for M3 in the euro area”

    G. Coenen; J.L. Vega Croissier

    Journal of Applied Econometrics - 16: pp. 727-748; Nov-Dec 2001

  • “Spanish Unemployment and Inflation Persistence: are there Phillips trade-offs?”

    J.J Dolado; D. López-Salido; J.L. Vega Croissier (2000-12)

    Spanish Economic Review - 2 (3): 267-291

  • “Money Demand Stability: Evidence from Spain in H. Lütkepohl and J. Wolters (eds.), "MoneyDemand in Europe"”

    J.L. Vega Croissier

    Studies in Empirical Economics, (Physica-Verlag) Heidelberg - 1999; pp. 121-134

  • “Purchasing Power Parity: an Empirical Analysis”

    M. Pérez-Jurado; J.L. Vega Croissier (2004-09)

    Investigaciones Económicas - 18 (3): pp. 539-556

  • “Weighted Monetary Aggregates: The Spanish Case”

    J. Ayuso, J.L. Vega Croissier

    Revista Española de Economía - 11 (1), pp. 161-189; 1994

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