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Economic Bulletin

This monthly publication, based on its Spanish counterpart (Boletín Económico), has two clearly differentiated sections:

  1. Economic articles, regularly including the “Quarterly report on the Spanish economy”, the quarterly “Results of non-financial corporations“, the ”Report on the Latin American economy” and a report on “Financial regulation”.
  2. Monetary, financial and real indicators. These statistical tables can be consulted in the daily updated Statistics section.


As from December 2015 this report will include, on a trial basis, two new features (for the time being solely in Spanish) which, depending on how they are received and how useful they prove, may be made extensive to other publications.

The icon descargar will feature at the foot of certain charts. Clicking on this from an Internet-connected computer, readers can open an Excel file with the data of all (or most of) the series depicted in the chart, which can be downloaded and saved if so wished  

At the foot of certain chart panels, too, is the icon descargar. Clicking on this opens a window showing the series for the chart and, interactively, the time period can be changed, specific series selected, rates and flows depicted, data re-based, etc.
A short video demonstrates the key features available. See video File MP4: Opens in a new window (10 MB).


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