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GR119ABN AMRO Bank N.V.38, Patriarchou Ioakim St., 10675, Athens NoYesNoCross-borderNoImplicit
GRPI601ACCESS PAYMENT SERVICES S.A.56 Panepistimiou str., 10678, Athens NoYesYesCross-borderNoExplicit
GR056213800TWSHPHH7ZH2P97Aegean Baltic Bank S.A.91, Great Alexander and 25th March, 15124, Athens NoYesNoCross-borderNoImplicit
GR014N213800DBQIB6VBNU5C64Alpha Bank S.A.Stadiou, 40, 10252, Athens NoYesNoCross-borderNoImplicit
GRPI609ARGOCHANGE PAYMENT INSTITUTION S.A.29 Socratous str., 10552, Athens NoYesNoCross-borderNoExplicit
GR016213800FFWYE3BQ1CU978Attica Bank, S.A.23, Omirou Str., 10672, Athens NoYesNoCross-borderNoImplicit
GR081Bank of America Europe Designated Activity Company, Athens Branch68, Vas. Sofias Avenue, 11528, Athens NoYesNoCross-borderNoImplicit
GR121Bank of China (Luxembourg) S.A. Athens branch2 Mesogeion Av., 11527, Athens NoYesYesCross-borderYesImplicit
GR073Bank of Cyprus Public Company Limited192, Alexandras avenue, 11521, Athens NoYesYesDomesticNoImplicit
GR010529900SL3K21WAN6X611Bank of Greece, S.A.21, E. Venizelou Str., 10250, Athens YesYesNoCross-borderNoImplicit
GR050213800IJGJFB3GND1T26Bank Saderat Iran25, E. Venizelou Str., 10564, Athens NoYesYesCross-borderNoImplicit
GR122BFF BANK S.p.A. ELLHNIKO YPOKATASTHMAGounari 78, Glyfada, 16561, Athens NoYesYesCross-borderYesImplicit
GR105BMW Austria Bank GmbH33, Zeppou Str., 16657, Athens NoYesYesDomesticNoImplicit
GR039BNP Paribas Securities Services94, Vas. Sofias Avenue, 11528, Athens NoYesNoCross-borderNoImplicit
GRPI613Cardlink Payment Institution S.A41-45 Marinou Antippa Str, 14121, Neo Irakleio NoYesYesDomesticNoExplicit
GRPI607CBN GREECE PAYMENT INSTITUTION S.A.52 Kifisias Ave., 11526, Athens NoYesYesCross-borderNoExplicit
GR084CITIBANK EUROPE PUBLIC LIMITED COMPANYOthonos 8, 10557, Athens NoYesNoCross-borderNoImplicit
GR099213800MINW99ZLCCM164COOPERATIVE BANK OF CENTRAL MACEDONIA L.T.D.Vas.Vasileiou and Nik.Plastira Str., 62122, Serres NoYesNoCross-borderNoImplicit
GR069213800ZLIZIF47DYZF66Cooperative Bank of Chania Cooperative of Limited Liabilities28-32 El.Venizelou Str., 73132, Chania NoYesNoCross-borderNoImplicit
GR095213800SGFXMO8Z5FZ369Cooperative Bank of Drama7,Great Alexander and K.Dai Str., 66100, Drama NoYesNoCross-borderNoImplicit
GR075213800AXQUILVAQS3374Cooperative Bank of Epirus Ltd6, Patriarchou Ioakim and Karapanou Str., 45221, Ioannina NoYesNoCross-borderNoImplicit
GR089213800WPA78FCDJEW825Cooperative Bank of Karditsa Coop. L.L.Taliadourou and Kolokotroni Str., 43100, Karditsa NoYesNoCross-borderNoImplicit
GR091213800NAAYOQNIIUIS66Cooperative Bank of Thessaly Coop. L.L.3, Miaouli Str., 42100, Trikala NoYesNoCross-borderNoImplicit
GR703213800U5S3O1D9S8SY78COSMOTE PAYMENTSKifisias 99, Marousi, 15124, Athens NoYesYesCross-borderYesExplicit
GR111Deutsche Bank AG23A, Vas. Sofias Avenue, 10674, Athens NoYesYesCross-borderNoImplicit
GRPI614Dog Payment Institution Single Member S.A125-127 Kifisias Av., Ampelokipoi, 11524, Athens NoYesYesDomesticNoExplicit
GR118EFG Bank (Luxembourg) SA Athens branchKifisias 342B - Ethnikis Antistaseos, 15451, Athens NoYesNoCross-borderNoImplicit
GR026N213800KGF4EFNUQKAT69EUROBANK S.A.Othonos, 8, 10557, Athens NoYesNoCross-borderNoImplicit
GRPI612EVERYPAY PAYMENT SERVICES S.A.25 - 29 Karneadou str., 10675, Athens NoYesYesCross-borderNoExplicit
GR040FCA BANK GmbH580a, Vouliagmenis Avenue, 16452, Athens NoYesYesDomesticNoImplicit
GR114FIMBank plc44, Kifissias Avenue, 15125, Athens NoYesNoCross-borderNoImplicit
GR115Hamburg Commercial Bank AG2, Filellinon Str. & Akti Miaouli , 18536, Piraeus NoYesNoCross-borderNoImplicit
GR071HSBC Continental Europe, Greece109-111, Messogion Avenue, 11526, Athens NoYesNoCross-borderNoImplicit
GRPI610INTEL EXPRESS PAYMENT INSTITUTION S.A.57 Menandrou str.& Vilara str., 10437, Athens NoYesYesCross-borderNoExplicit
GRPI602INTERNATIONAL EXPRESS REMITTANCE PAYMENT INSTITUTION S.A.24 Korinthias str., 11528, Athens NoYesYesCross-borderNoExplicit
GRPI611MONEY GLOBE S.A.318 Mesogeion Av. And Kondylaki, 15341, Athens NoYesYesCross-borderNoExplicit
GR0115UMCZOEYKCVFAW8ZLO05National Bank of Greece, S.A.86, Aiolou Str., 10232, Athens NoYesNoCross-borderNoImplicit
GRPI606NBL MONEY TRANSFER PAYMENT FOUNDATION S.A. 6 Theatrou str., 10552, Athens NoYesYesCross-borderNoExplicit
GR0342138008NSD1X1XFUK750Optima bank S.A.32, Aigialeias and Paradissou, 15125, Athens NoYesNoCross-borderNoImplicit
GRPI615Otro Pay Payment Institution Single Member S.A10-12, Dorylaiou Str, 11521, Athens NoYesYesDomesticNoExplicit
GR087213800U41ZQTTURP3V26PANCRETA BANK S.A.Ikarou and Efessou, 71306, Heraclion NoYesNoCross-borderNoImplicit
GR017N213800OYHR1MPQ5VJL60PIRAEUS BANK SAAmerikis 4, 10564, Athens NoYesNoCross-borderNoImplicit
GR116ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria) EAD54-56, 26th October & Pigasus str., 54627, Thessaloniki NoYesNoCross-borderNoImplicit
GR123SANTANDER CONSUMER FINANCE, S.A., Greek BranchVissarionos, 1, 10672, ATHENS NoYesNoNo
GRPI604SMART PAY SERVICES1 Akronos str., 11633, Athens NoYesYesCross-borderNoExplicit
GR1092138007EX5VCR4QPB730T.C. Ziraat Bankasi A.S.2, Ermou Str., 10563, Athens NoYesYesCross-borderNoImplicit
GR702TORA GOYOLET A.E.LEOFOROS ATHINON 108 & CHRIMATISTIRIOY, 10442, Athens NoYesYesCross-borderNoExplicit
GR072UniCredit Bank AG7, Irakleitou Str., 10673, Athens NoYesYesCross-borderNoImplicit
GR701213800E7CPBE9B536Z16VIVA PAYMENT SERVICES S.A.2 Kapodistriou str. & Kifissias Av., 15123, Athens NoYesNoCross-borderNoExplicit
GR057213800A3YBCKWVF3DM64VIVABANK SINGLE MEMBER BANKING S.A.18-20, Amarousiou-Chalandriou , 15125, Marousi NoYesYesCross-borderNoImplicit
GR102Volkswagen Bank GmbH409A Vouliagmenis Ave., 16674, Athens NoYesYesDomesticNoImplicit
GRPI605WORLDBRIDGE - PAYMENT INSTITUTION S.A.11 Menekratous str., 11636, Athens NoYesNoCross-borderNoExplicit