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Resolves claims and complaints made by users of the entities supervised by the Banco de España with the aim of securing their interests and legally recognised rights, as a consequence of alleged non-compliances by the entities against which the claims are made, of the regulations on transparency and protection of customers or of good financial practices and uses.

Claims will not be allowed which:

  • Have not been previously submitted to the customer service department or customer ombudsman of the entityOpens in new window.
  • Seek to make a statement about the abusive nature of a certain contractual clause.
  • Spark controversy on the financial assessment of damages that may eventually have been caused to financial users.
  • Do not refer to specific transactions. It is not up to this Department to carry out a full audit of all the movements entered on the customers' accounts which are shown in regular statements or settlement documents issued by the entities.

Their action is concluded with a reasoned report which has no binding authority for any of the parties.

In the Portal del Cliente BancarioOpens in new window details are provided of the procedures to follow when submitting queries, complaints or claims; as well as other aspects which seek to help to improve customer knowledge about provisions which affect them; nevertheless, the procedures can be accessed directly via the following link:

If you would like to find out more about the network created by the European Commission, which groups the national organisations of the different member states responsible for resolving the claims of financial service clients through the courts, you may consult the following links:

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Contact Institutions’ Conduct Department

  • Address: C/ Alcalá, 48 28014 Madrid
  • Telephone: 900 54 54 54
  • Telephone (34) 91 338 8830