Microdata on individual enterprises (CBI)

BELab offers controlled access to the microdata available at the Central Balance Sheet Data Office on individual enterprises.

The Banco de España Central Balance Sheet Data Office is a service that analyses the economic and financial information of Spanish non-financial corporations and groups, including both that directly contributed by the reporting firms and that provided by the Spanish Association of Mercantile and Property Registrars (CORPME), which collaborates with BELab.

  • Data sourceThe data come from the mandatory deposits of annual accounts in the Mercantile Registries, on the basis of the Agreement signed between the Banco de España and CORPME. Analytical variables are offered, constructed by the Central Balance Sheet Data Office on the basis of the basic information in the annual accounts.
  • Unit of analysisindividual enterprise
  • FrequencyAnual
  • Period1995 - 2021
  • Latest data extractionNovember 2022
  • Identifiertax identification number (NIF)
  • Languages availableSpanish and English
  • Data producerBanco de España
  • User guideCentral Balance Sheet Data Office microdata (CBI) File PDF: Opens in new window (574 KB)
  • Sample fileCBI sample file File CSV: Opens in new window (428 KB)
  • Possibility of remote accessyes
  • DOI10.48719/BELab.CBI0622_01Opens in new window

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