EU data dissemination after Brexit

Since 1 February 2020, the United Kingdom has ceased to belong to the European Union (EU), and is no longer included, to all effects and purposes, in the EU aggregate, which until now comprised 28 Member States.

Accordingly, statistics disseminated by the Banco de España with aggregate data at the European Union level will have to be modified in future updates to exclude the United Kingdom from the aforementioned aggregate.

These modifications will be introduced progressively and will be fully implemented in the first publication of the statistics concerned issued after 1 February 2020.

Adapting to the new EU membership could also require, in some cases, the rearrangement of data in the published tables.

All changes will be notified as usual, through a warning or an explanatory notice in the relevant theme.

Additionally, historical time series with the former EU 28 aggregate prior to Brexit will continue to be available for consultation through the publications of the Statistical Bulletin preceding 1 February 2020, accessible from the Publications section of the Banco de España website.

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