Register of real estate credit intermediaries and real estate lenders

The Registry of Real Estate Credit Intermediaries and Real Estate Lenders collects the relevant data from real estate credit intermediaries and real estate lenders regulated by Act 5/2019 of 15 March, providing for Real Estate Credit Contracts (LCCI in Spanish) currently registered with the Bank of Spain and the Autonomous Communities as per geographical area of action.

The following categories of data are collected: (a) First name and Surname of the credit intermediary or real estate lender; (b) Identification number. of the credit intermediary or real estate lender; (c) website address; (d) address of the credit intermediary or real estate lender; (e) customer service telephone number; (f) credit intermediary code or real estate lender code; (g) activities carried out by intermediaries; (h) name of the holders and administrators of intermediaries and lenders and designated representatives thereof, as well as the administrators of the branches of intermediaries located in Spain; (i) statement on whether the credit intermediary is linked to a single lender and, in such case, the identification thereof; (j) identity data of the entity with whom the intermediary has taken out the guarantee envisaged in Section 36 of Act LCCI and (k) the Member State(s) where the credit intermediary carries out activities subject to the regimen of freedom of establishment and freedom to provide services.

The withdrawal of the registration does not entail the deletion of the resgistered operator's data, but its transfer to "deregistration" status, in accordance with the provision of Articles 31.2 and 32.2 of Law 5/2019.

The file offered hereunder allows to make enquiries on current data available in the registry about a real estate credit intermediary or a real estate lender.

Data updated: 1 June 2023

The data contained in this website are solely for information purposes. This website does not validate the content of the entries of the Bank of Spain registries. Only to the detriment of a third party does the certification credit the information referred to in this website.

You may obtain further information on how to request the Bank of Spain official registries content certification by clicking hereOpens in new window

Competent authorities for the registration and supervision of the credit intermediaries and non-credit institutions for each Autonomous Region

Autonomous Region Competent authority Register E-mail Telephone number
Castilla-La Mancha Dirección General de Política Financiera - Tesorería y Fondos Comunitarios de la Consejería de Hacienda y Administraciones Públicas. 925266773
Castilla y León Dirección General del Tesoro y de Política Financiera de la Consejería de Economía y Hacienda in new window 983414013
Extremadura Instituto de consumo de Extremadura INCOEX - Registro de Intermediarios de Crédito InmobiliarioOpens in new window 924004136
Galicia Consellería de Facenda
Dirección General de Política Financiera, Tesoro y Fondos Europeos.

Rexistro ICI_PI GaliciaOpens in new window

dx.politica.financeira.tesouro.fondos.euro 981545154
 País Vasco Dirección de Política Financiera del Departamento de Hacienda  y Economía del Gobierno Vasco  945019019
Comunitat Valenciana Dirección General de Modelo Económico, Financiación Autonómica y Política Financiera – Conselleria de Hacienda y Modelo Económico 961971745

National competent authorities for the registration of admitted credit intermediaries in the Member States of the European Union

In the following link you can find information about the national competent authorities for the register of credit intermediaries under the Mortgage Credit Directive: in new window


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