Research staff (by department)

The following administrative units at the Banco de España contribute to its research functions:

  • Directorate General – Economics, Statistics and Research (DG de Economía y Estadística)
    DG Economics, Statistics and Research includes three major research units: the Dept. of Statistics, the ADG Economics and Research and the ADG International Affairs.
    • Dept. of Statistics (Dpto. de Estadística)
      Data compiled and published by the Dept. of Statistics includes financial and balance-of-payments accounts for the Spanish economy, and balance sheet data on Spanish non-financial firms.
  • Associate Directorate General - Economics and Research (DGA de Economía e Investigación)
    ADG Economics and Research is the main research branch of the Banco de España. Its research agenda is geared primarily to understanding the workings of the Spanish economy in its European and institutional context; to the analysis of macroeconomic, monetary policy, and financial stability issues; and to the development of econometric and statistical tools.
  • Associate Directorate General - International Affairs (DGA de Asuntos Internacionales) 
    The Associate Directorate General - International Affairs focuses its research on policy-relevant economic and financial questions of particular interest for Spain as a global player. Vulnerability, financial stability, and integration issues rank high in its research agenda. The main areas of analysis are global issues, emerging markets, and financial architecture.
  • Directorate General - Financial Stability, Regulation and Resolution (DG de Estabilidad Financiera, Regulación y Resolución)
    • Dept. of Financial Stability and Macroprudential Policy (Dpto. de Estabilidad Financiera y Política Macroprudencial)
      The Department of Financial Stability and Macroprudential Policy has recently focused on several main research lines: impact of macroprudential measures (i.e. dynamic provisions and capital buffers) on the lending cycle; interaction between monetary policy and macroprudential policy; analysis of public sector lending programs; development of a methodology to monitor systemic risk in order to obtain guidance regarding activation or not of macroprudential tools.

Research Staff

List of research staff at the Banco de España, sorted by department.