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 Gabriel Jiménez Zambrano

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Gabriel Jiménez Zambrano

Unit Head

Regulatory Impact Assessment Unit
Prudential Policy Analysis Division
Financial Stability Department
DG Financial Stability and Resolution

Contact Information

Fields of Interest

  • Credit risk and its relationship with monetary policy
  • Credit cycles
  • Competition

JEL Codes

  • G18, G21, E32, E44

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications and Working Papers

  • “Hazardous times for monetary policy: what do twenty-three million bank loans say about the effects of monetary policy on credit risk?”

    Gabriel Jiménez Zambrano, S. Ongena, J. L. Peydró, Jesús Saurina

    Econometrica, 2013 - (forthcoming)

    JEL codes:  E4, G21, L14

  • “Macroprudential Policy, Countercyclical Bank Capital Buffers and Credit Supply: Evidence from the Spanish Dynamic Provisioning Experiments”

    Gabriel Jiménez Zambrano, S. Ongena, J. L. Peydró, Jesús Saurina

    Journal of Political Economy, 2017, forthcoming

  • “Credit Supply and Monetary Policy: Identifying the Bank Balance-Sheet Channel with Loan Applications” Abre en nueva ventana

    Gabriel Jiménez Zambrano, S. Ongena, J. L. Peydró and J. Saurina (2012-12)

    American Economic Review - 102 (5), pp. 1-30

    JEL codes: E32, E44, E5, G21, G28

  • “When Credit Dries Up: Job Losses in the Great Recession”

    Gabriel Jiménez Zambrano, S. Bentolila and M. Jansen

    Journal of the European Economic Association, 2017, forthcoming

  • “Empirical Analysis of Corporate Credit Lines” Abre en nueva ventana

    Gabriel Jiménez Zambrano, J. A. López, Jesús Saurina (2009-12)

    Review of Financial Studies - 22 (12), pp. 5069-5098

  • “Determinants of collateral”

    Gabriel Jiménez Zambrano, Vicente Salas, Jesús Saurina; (2006-01)

    Journal of Financial Economics - Volume 81, pp. 255-281

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