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Research Staff(alphabetical)

 Isabel Argimón Maza

Disclaimer. The Curriculum Vitae in this page, and any links from this page to websites outside of the domain, are the sole responsibility of Isabel Argimón Maza. The Banco de España is not responsible for their content.

Isabel Argimón Maza

Staff Economist

 International Economics Division

 International Economics and Euro Area Department

 DG Economics, Statistics and Research


Contact Information

  • Address: Calle Alcalá 48, 28014 Madrid, España
  • Contact form 

Fields of Interest

  • Government and policy regulation in financial markets
  • Financial stability
  • Political economy

JEL Codes

  • G28, G18, G21, H3, H55

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications and Working Papers

  • “Subsidiaries and risk in Spanish Banks”

    Isabel Argimón (2017)

    Published as a chapter of the book “Análisis empíricos sobre la economía española. Ensayos en homenaje a Josep Lluis Raymond Bara”. 2017. Thomas Reuter. Aranzadi

  • “Prudential filters, portfolio composition at fair value and capital ratios in European banks”

    Isabel Argimón, Michel Dietsch and Ángel Estrada (2018)

    Journal of Financial Stability. 2018, Vol 39, pp187-208

    Banco de España, Documento de trabajo 1538

  • “Financial Institutions’ Business Models and the Global Transmission of Monetary Policy” Abre en nueva ventana

    Isabel Argimón, Clemens Bonner, Ricardo Correa, Patty Duijm, Jon Frost, Jakob de Haan, Leo de Haan and Viktors Stevunovs (2018)

    Journal of International Money and Finance 90

  • “Financial supervision reform in the EU: a comparison with the UK and the US”

    Isabel Argimón, M. L. Leyva and C. Luna (2014-01)

    The economic crisis and governance in the European Union. A Critical assessment - J. Bilbao-Ubillos (ed.), 2014

  • “Old age pensions and retirement in Spain” Abre en nueva ventana

    Isabel Argimón, R. Vegas, M. Botella and C. I. González (2013-08)

    SERIEs - 4 (3), pp. 273-308

    JEL codes: J14, J26

  • “Does the intensity of prudential regulation affect banks? Evidence from the 2007-2009 crises”

    Isabel Argimón, G. Arqué and f. Rodríguez

    Journal of Governance and Regulation - 1 (3), 2012

  • “Regulating remuneration schemes in banking”

    Isabel Argimón, G. Arqué and F. Rodríguez (2011-01)

    Banking regulation: Basel 3 and beyond - Riskbooks (eds. F. Cannata y M. Quagliarello)

  • “Cuantificación de los beneficios de la regulación prudencial” Abre en nueva ventana

    Isabel Argimón and M. Mertel (2011-05)

    Estabilidad Financiera - 20, pp. 45-70

  • “How individual capital requirements affect capital ratios in UK banks and building societies”

    Isabel Argimón, I. Alfon and P. Bascuñana-Ambrós (2011-08)

    Research Handbook on International Financial Regulation - eds. Edward & Elgar

  • “The effects of regulatory stringency and risk sensitivity on Banks”

    Isabel Argimón and J. Ruiz-Valenzuela (2011-03)

    Journal of Banking Regulation - 12, pp. 144-146

  • “Fiscal rules and federalism as determinants of budget performance: an empirical investigation for the Spanish case” Abre en nueva ventana

    Isabel Argimón and P. Hernández de Cos (2011-02)

    Public Finance Review - Volume 40. Issue 1. 2012

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