Market power in the digital age: measurement, causes,
consequences and policies

28-29 September 2021

In recent decades, the global economy has experienced significant technological changes as well as profound shifts in the competitive structure of markets. The global market has become increasingly dominated by large firms with a high degree of market power.

These observations have revived the debate about the role of competition and antitrust policy in the context of industries with rising levels of concentration.

At the same time, technological progress and digitalization have opened up new challenges for firms, whose productive processes have had to adapt to the changing and complex competitive nature of markets.

This conference will analyze the causes and consequences of these recent phenomena, and will discuss how economic policy can tackle the issues that derive from them. The speakers and panelists include outstanding economists from both academic and policy circles. The discussion will revolve around a wide range of topics, from technology and firm dynamics to inequality, international trade and monetary policy.