General Glossary

General Glossary

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Partial or total (payoff) repayment of a debt. For example, when referring to a mortgage it implies the repayment of the loan. In the case of fixed income securities, it is the issuer that returns the capital to the investor.
Registered cheque  
A cheque provided by a bank when their client has no chequebook at that moment.
In general, this term is applied to the payment or return of what is owed.
Renewable credit  
A credit that is automatically renewed upon maturity and therefore comparable to a permanent line of credit.
Short or long-term rental of personal property whereby the customer undertakes to pay a fixed monthly income, for a certain period of time, and the supplier undertakes to transfer the use of the property and provide a series of services that include maintenance or technical assistance, insurance policy, etc. A common example of renting is that of vehicles, whereby the rental company is responsible for the insurance policy, periodic revisions and maintenance of the vehicle.

"Residents" are considered to be natural persons who reside in Spain (except for Foreign Service personnel in Spain), legal persons with registered offices in Spain and the permanent branch offices or establishments in Spain of natural or legal persons residing abroad.

Returned bills  
Bills that have not been collected on their maturity and are returned past-due to the payee.