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Official interest rates of the European Central Bank 

The rates set by the Governing Council of the European Central Bank. They indicate the direction of monetary policy in the Eurosystem. At present they include: The official central rate, which serves as the minimum bid rate for principal financing operations, and the lowest rate of interest at which counterparty institutions can bid in variable-rate tenders; the interest rate of the marginal lending facility; and the interest rate of the deposit facility. The latter two rates are usually set 100 basis points above and below the official central rate, respectively.

Other financial intermediaries 
Company or quasi-company other than an insurance company and pension fund that is engaged mainly in financial Intermediation by incurring liabilities in forms other than currency, deposits and/or close deposit substitutes for deposits from institutional entities other than MFIs. In particular, these are companies that engage primarily in long-term financing, such as companies engaged in financial leasing, securitisation special purpose entities, holding companies, dealers in securities and derivatives (when dealing for their own account) and venture capital companies.
Other investments 
A heading on the balance of payments and on the international investment position which covers all financial operations/positions concerning trade credit, deposits and lending, and other accounts pending collection and payment with non-residents.