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Index of labour costs per hour 
A measurement of labour costs including gross wages and salaries (in cash and in kind, including variable salary components) and other labour costs (social contributions made by the employer plus taxes related to employment paid by the employer, minus grants received by the employer) per hour worked (including overtime).
Industrial producer prices 
The factory-gate price (transportation costs are not included) of any product, excluding imports, sold by industry excluding construction on the domestic markets of the euro area countries. Imports are not included.
Industrial production 
The gross value added created the industry at constant prices.
An increase in the general price level, for example, in the consumer price index.
Interest rate 

The price of money. It can be defined as the sum that is paid to obtain an amount of money as a loan (or which is received for lending it), expressed as a percentage of this amount.

International investment position  
The value and composition of an economy's financial assets and liabilities compared to the rest of the world.
International reserves 
Foreign assets controlled by monetary authorities, which can be immediately accessed to directly finance or regulate the magnitude of disequilibrium in payments through the intervention of foreign currency markets. International reserves in the euro area are comprised of claims not denominated in euros on non-euro residents, gold, special drawing rights and IMF reserve positions held by the Eurosystem.