Information refusals

This section includes all cases where the Banco de España has refused access – in full or in part – to public information requested, based on the limits to the right of access envisaged in Article 14(1) of the Transparency LawOpens in a new window (available only in Spanish). These refusals are published, in accordance with the provisions of Article 14(3) of the Transparency Law, following the disassociation of any personal data and after the parties concerned have been notified. The refusals are classified according to the limits to the right of access applicable in each case.

Decisions that refuse access on the grounds of personal data protection law or the Banco de España’s specific confidentiality regime, or decisions that determine that the request is inadmissible by application of Article 18(1) of the Transparency Law, are not published.

  • Grounds for refusal: equality of parties in legal proceedings and effective judicial protection (Article 14(1)(f) of the Transparency Law).
  • Grounds for refusal: economic and commercial interests (Article 14(1)(h) of the Transparency Law).