Circulars and guidelines under consultation

These consultations made by the Banco de España aim to gather the opinions of the parties involved regarding proposals to modify circulars or aspects related to issues of an accounting or financial nature that are under assessment.

Once the consultation period has concluded and all the comments have been analysed, the Banco de España puts launches the usual process for approving circulars or guidelines.

Comments can be sent to the Banco de España, as indicated on the consultation announcement, within the established period.

Circulars and guidelines under consultation
Publication date Consultation End of consultation
29-03-21 Public consultation on draft circular amending Circular 5/2012 on transparency of banking services and responsibility in granting loans, regarding the definition of reference interest rate based on the €STR 08-04-21
23-03-21 Public consultation on draft circular to credit institutions and other supervised institutions, on confidential financial information in market conduct, transparency and customer protection, and register of complaints 19-04-21
02-02-21 Public consultation on draft Circular amending Circular 2/2016 - February 2, to credit institutions, regarding supervision and solvency 23-02-21
23-12-20 Draft guidelines on criteria for the organization and operation of customer service departments and services of the entities supervised 29-01-21