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Hiring procedures

The Banco de España recruits its staff based on the criteria of excellence, without any restrictions according to gender, age, ethnic origin, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or physical or any other disability.

The Banco de España, as a member of the Eurosystem and the European System of Central Banks, engages in continuous international activity in the performance of its functions. For candidates to successfully pass selection processes, therefore, they must demonstrate a sound command of English.  

There are three groups of employees in the Banco de España according to the time period they are hired for:

  • Permanent employees
  • Employees on temporary or finite contracts
  • Employees on substitution contracts

To hire permanent staff, the Banco de España uses four procedures:

  1. Competition, which assesses merits of all kinds, particularly the professional ones declared by the applicants.
  2. Competition-examination, which aims to firstly verify that the candidate is undertake the job applied for. Secondly, the applicants' merits are evaluated in order to rank them.
  3. Competition based on a test, which essentially assesses candidates according to their results in these theoretical and practical tests. The candidates passing these tests are then assessed on the basis of the merits they have declared.
  4. Free appointment, for those categories considered to be positions of trust.

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