Banking Supervision

ESRB - Recommendations

The European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB) is an independent institution in charge of the macroprudential supervision of the EU financial system. It contributes to the prevention or mitigation of the systemic risks, and evaluates the potential threats to the stability of the financial system, preventing the occurrence of generalized financial turbulences.

Banco de España is a full member of the General Board of the ESRB, in its double role of nacional central bank and banking supervisor.


The ESRB issues recommendations in order to accomplish its tasks, and articulates different mechanisms to enforce them.

Lending in foreign currencies

Recommendation G, paragraph 2 of the ESRB/2011/1 Recommendation says:

“National supervisory authorities of the home Member States of relevant financial institutions are recommended to publish on their websites the measures taken by host supervisors; host supervisors are recommended to communicate all current and new measures to address foreign currency lending to all relevant home supervisors and to the ESRB and the EBA.”

To comply with this recommendation, here come published the measures taken by Banco de España in this regard.

Moreover, the measures in force in all the member states of the EU are published in the ESRB website:


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