Payment systems

Technical documentation

  • Information on access via SWIFTNet:
    Entities wishing to connect to Banco de España via SWIFTNet services, need to have registered on SWIFT beforehand.Entities shall do this on the SWIFT website, www.swift.comOpens in a new window , through the electronic forms available for this purpose.
    • They must have a registered and published BIC code.
    • They must have the required infrastructure available to make use of the services administered by Banco de España (bde.eca.rt y bde.eca.sf)
    • They must subscribe to these services in testing and in production.
  • Telematic file exchange
    Entities that want to interchange files with Payment Systems Department of Banco de España, for those operatives allowed, should send to Information Systems Department the Accession to a Banco de España electronic service printable form, available in our Oficina VirtualOpens in a new window.
  • First time username positioning and certificates downloading:
    At the time a username is created and accesses the system for the first time, an accredited operator from the entity must contact the Payment Systems Department Communications Unit by telephone on the following number: +34 91 338 54 47 to request the first time positioning of that username.
    Simultaneously to the request of new users, it is necessary to download the respected electronic certificates, and install them in the computers of the people who are going to use them.
    According to the authorized operations, entities could accede through user and password or through electronic certificates.
  • Technical connection to virtual prívate Net of Banco de España (RedBdE) [only for entities with residence in Spain]
    Entities will be able to connect to the control terminal of Banco de Espana through the private net. This connection is made through a web interface and using a digital certificate both for authentication and encryption of data. To do so, entities must take into account:
    • the technical requirementsOpens in a new window for connection through the Virtual Private Net of the Banco de España (RedBdE) to access interactive operations
    • that they should obtain or renew a digital certificateOpens in a new window, indicating that it will be used for this service

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