What is iCalendar? How is it imported?

What data are included in each electronic calendar?

The iCalendar files published by the Banco de España contain the statistics to be released over the current year and are updated at the same time than the web calendar at the beginning of the year.

Each release has the following information:

  • Date and time of release
  • Statistic and period to which it relates
  • Frequency of release
  • Link to data release

How to import an electronic calendar?

The file provided follows the iCalendar standard and can be integrated into most calendar applications, including Google Calendar, Outlook, Yahoo, Mozilla Thunderbird, Zimbra, Apple Ical, etc.

The best way to do this is to link the diary to the calendar at the in a new window address, as it will then update automatically when new events are added. The subject area calendars may also be linked in this way, by copying the url of the link by using the Copy Link Address option on the context (right-click) menu of your mouse.

For Outlook users wishing to import the calendar:

  1. Open the Add calendar option on the context menu: Add calendar > From the Internet...
  2. Paste the calendar address into the dialogue box that opens up (New internet calendar subscription):