February 2020

Chapter 20. Exchange rates and competitiveness indices

With the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, the competitiveness indices published in Tables 20.6 and 2.11 of the Statistical Bulletin (and in table 9.4 of the Economic Indicators section) have been calculated under the new definition of the European Union (EU27). The previous serie under the EU28 definition can be obtained through the time series search engine tool BIESTOpens in a new window.

Chapter 22. Domestic secondary market for securities

September 2017 saw the start-up in Spain of the new pan-European TARGET2-Securities (T2S) settlement platform, which raised standards of quality, flexibility and efficiency in securities settlement. One consequence of this migration was that the content and format of the information used to compile tables 22.9 to 22.22 of the Statistical Bulletin, which included various breakdowns of trading in State debt securities, were modified significantly. The launch of T2S also meant that some of the information that was disseminated traditionally has been discontinued. Consequently, information on repurchase agreements can no longer be accessed, since there is no direct reference to tie the opening leg to the back leg, at the same time as the information on the repo-type transactions of management companies with third parties has been eliminated from the content.

In this update of Chapter 22, the tables which used to be released have been replaced by new tables. The content and methodology of the new tables have been adapted to the scope of the information available since the migration to T2S. Similarly, the Banco de España has stopped publishing the table on indices of yields and supplementary statistics. Its information content is no longer relevant.

The time series of the new tables begin in January 2019 and include data on turnover and interest rates on outright transactions for the whole market.

References to the public debt book-entry market have been removed from the chapter given that since the beginning of 2018, as a result of the entry into force of MiFID II, the AIAF bond market has assumed the role of benchmark market for Spanish public debt, replacing the Book-Entry Public Debt Market.

The information provided to date will be made available through BIESTOpens in a new window, the time series search engine.

Capítulo 26. International economy

As from 2 March, the tables of Chapter 26, International Economy, exclude the United Kingdom from the list of European Union (EU) countries.