September 2012

Chapter 4. Credit institutions

Tables 4.7, 4.57 y 4.85

The figure of net profit (column 6) (following the same criterion of the tables in Chapter 4) includes the sum of the profit or loss of each deposit-taking institution taken individually. This figure is highly influenced by the segregation process of the savings banks' banking business to newly-created banks. Given that a significant portion of the shares of these new banks are part of the savings banks' investment portfolio, the results recorded by the banks to which the business has been transferred, are transmitted to savings banks' results, amplifying the figure of aggregate net profit (or loss) of the deposit-taking institutions as a whole. In order to facilitate interpretation of the amount of net profit (column 6), the quantity of said net profit which is due to impairment losses on investments has been added as a memorandum item (column 13).

Chapter 8. Other Monetary Financial Institutions

Table 8.28. Deposits of other resident sectors in Spain in OMFIs  resident in Spain, by sub-sector

As from the current September 2012 edition of the Boletín Estadístico, the information in this table is extended to cover the breakdown of deposits of securitisation special purpose entities and that of central counterparties.

Chapter 15. Non-financial corporations. Summary information gathered by the  CBSO

Further to the updating of data from the second quarter of 2012, two new ratios (tables 15.24 and 15.25) have been calculated using the methodology laid down by the IMF in its document “Financial Indicator Soundness. Compilation Guide”. These ratios, calculated for the first time using the Integrated CBSO database ( CBI), are sent to the IMF for dissemination by this institution. In addition, the combined data from the CBI, whose series begin in 1995, include, for the first time, figures of small (up to 50 employees) and medium-sized businesses (up to 250 employees) from the Mercantile Registries (CBBE / RM), as shown in Table 15.C.