February 2015

Changes to chapters 17 of the Boletín Estadístico. Balance of Payments and International Investment Position

On 27 February, coinciding with the dissemination of the monthly balance of payments data for December, the Banco de España will be publishing data for the period 1993-1994, completing the historical data dissemination according to the IMF's new methodological manual, BPM6, and to the new data system. Data corresponding to 1995-2009 were already published on 30 December, and on 15 October, series from 2010 were revised. As at that date, the Banco de España published a press release which may be viewed via the following link: in a new window

Users may consult, in the statistics section on this website, a press release which explains the changes made during 2014 in detail, via the external sector statistics.

Changes to chapters 26 of the Boletín Estadístico

The following tables have been revised: 26.21 National three-month interbank interest ; 26.22 National three-year government bond yields, including a new table 26.23 with the euro area countries; and 26.24 (former table 26.23) Long-term government bond yields, including a new table 26.25 with the euro area countries. The main criterion has been to include the countries with the biggest GDP for the world economy as a whole and for the European Union (provided the relevant information is available).

Changes to chapters 11 of the Boletín Estadístico

In order to meet the requirements laid down in the International Monetary Fund initiative known as the Special Data Dissemination Standard Plus (SDDS Plus), changes have been made to Chapter 11 of the Boletín Estadístico. Specifically, information relating to the counterpart sectors in the net acquisition of financial assets by general government has been added to Table 11.10; a new table has been added (11.11), with information on the net incurrence of liabilities by general government; debt according to the Excessive Deficit Procedure (EDP) is now shown in Table 11.12 (formerly 11.11); and, lastly, Table 11.13 now includes information on the residual maturities of EDP debt.