BIEST - Time Series Search Engine

The BIEST system stores statistical data published by the Banco de España on the internet. It provides access to thousands of regularly updated time series and is essential for searching for monetary and financial information.

The main objectives of BIEST are to:

  • Unify statistical information published by the Banco de España.
  • Disseminate statistical information by providing a flexible, straightforward search system suitable for all types of users, irrespective of their prior knowledge of the structure of the information stored.
  • Facilitate access to Banco de España statistics and improve their visibility by presenting data in different formats.

In order to achieve these objectives, several types of search were defined and the information has been organised following a classification by theme so that users can tailor the search method to the information of interest to them.

The available search methods are:

  • Search by text with advanced search option.
  • Search by theme.
  • Search by publications.
  • Search by dataflow.
  • Search by name of series.