Changes to the tables of external statistics

June 2021

30th June

Due to the migration of contents from the publication Economic Indicators to the Statistical Bulletin from 1 July 2021, a new table has been included in the Statistical Bulletin, 17.2a Financial account. Summary. Continued, which contains the same information as the previous table in Economic Indicators 7.2. Spanish balance of payments vis-à-vis other euro area residents and the rest of the world. Financial account.

May 2021

6th May

The composition of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has been updated due to the inclusion of Colombia as a new OECD member (tables 17.4b, 17.3a, 17.16, 17.22a, 17.27a, 17.44 y 17.45 of the Statistical Bulletin).

October 2020

14th October

Russia, Switzerland and United States are incorporated into annual table 17.4c Current account. Travel. Credits. Breakdown by geographical and economic areas.

April 2020

13th April

The Development Assistance Committee (DAC) List of Official Development Assistance (ODA) Recipients is incorporated into the positions and transactions of the breakdown of direct investment by economic and geographical area (tables be17.44 and be17.45).

March 2020

23rd March

The Balance of Payments/International Investment Position aggregates vis à vis the European Union will refer to its new composition (EU17) as from the next quarterly publication on 25th March. After the withdrawal of the United Kingdom, the EU comprises 27 countries, and this new composition will apply to the complete time series. This change affects tables with geographical breakdown. Aggregates with the EU in its former composition (EU 28) will be available in Time Series Search Engine-BIESTOpens in a new window.

Tables be17.3a, be17.4b, be17.16, be17.22a y be17.27 will incorporate, as from their next update (25th March and 13th April), the change in the OPEC composition (Organisation of Petroleum Exporting countries): United Arab Emirates, Angola, Congo, Algeria, Ecuador, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria,  Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.

October 2019

11th October

Real estate is incorporated into the positions and transactions of the breakdown of direct investment by sector of activity (tables be17.42 and be17.43).

September 2019

30th September

As from 2 October 2019, tables be17.3a, be17.16, be17.21b, be17.44 and be17.45 will be disseminated in a single Excel file and a single CSV file. Dissemination in several Excel or CSV files compressed in a single ZIP file will be discontinued.

26th September

On 26 September, coinciding with the release of quarterly balance of payments data for 2019 Q2, and as announced in previous press releases, a regular extraordinary revision of the Balance of Payments and International Investment Position (BP/IIP) is published, which reviews a longer period than usual in September. The aim is to update statistical sources and estimation methods and to incorporate the recommendations of relevant international fora, which guarantee the timeliness, accuracy and punctuality of the statistics.

The review is harmonised, not only across the EU countries, Eurostat and the European Central Bank, but also across various statistical domains: the BP/IIP, the National Accounts compiled by the INE, the Financial Accounts for the Institutional Sectors, for which the Banco de España is responsible, and the General Government Accounts of the National Audit Office (IGAE). Accordingly, the results of the extraordinary review are consistent with one another.

Main historical changes