Changes in the tables of exchange rates statistics


22/11/2021 -

Exchange rates and competitiveness indices

With October publication of competitiveness indices for developed countries and Export unit value Indexes contained in the table 20.7 of the Statistical Bulletin, due to the lack of availability of the unit value index for the United Kingdom in EUROSTAT database, after its withdrawal from the EU, the total index has been updated to consider a different definition of the group of developed countries excluding the United Kingdom from its calculation. The change supposes a slight modification in the format of the Table 20.7.


22/02/2021 -

Exchange rates and competitiveness indices

With January publication of competitiveness indices contained in tables 20.6-20.7 of the Statistical Bulletin (and in tables 9.4 and 9.5 of the Economic Indicators section), unit labour costs series (total and manufacturing) have been updated, taking into account series obtained from Spanish National Accounts (INE), with employment series defined in terms of persons, instead of full-time equivalent, as it was the case until now. In general this change has not significant effects in the results and it allows to achieve full consistency with the data used in the index for other countries. in a new window