Changes in the tables of external statistics


24/03/2023 -

Balance of payments and international investment position

In order to adapt the terminology of Balance of Payments and International Investment Position (BP/IIP) to recent international standards changes, an additional dimension is added at the end of the code, called “type of entity”. This dimension was already present in direct investment series according to the directional principle (tables 17.40, 17.41, 17.42, 17.43, 17.44a, 17.44b and 17.45), and from March, it is going to appear in every series of BP/IIP.

The dimension type of entity can take the value “ALL” (all units) or “RSP” (Special Purpose Entities, SPE).

This change is only going to affect the codification of already published series and does not imply any modification on the available information. In Spain, the breakdown of SPE data is only relevant for direct investment, and as already mentioned, it was already available.

The new coding is going to be implemented in the downloadable files as well as in BIEST series.

Additionally, the composition of the euro area is going to be updated due to the inclusion of Croatia as a new member in 2023 (tables 17.3a, 17.4b, 17.4c, 17.4d, 17.4e, 17.16, 17.22a, 17.23a, 17.23b, 17.27a, 17.44a, 17.44b and 17.45).

The composition of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is going to be updated due to the exit of Ecuador (tables 17.3a, 17.4b, 17.16, 17.22a, 17.27a).

Some geographical areas that involve “rests” (like the rest of euro area or the rest of the world) are going to be removed from the presentation of tables 17.3a, 17.4b, 17.4c, 17.4d, 17.4e, 17.16, 17.22a, 17.23a, 17.23b, 17.27a. The corresponding data are still going to be available, the user can obtain them as a difference between the totals and countries or geographical areas displayed in the tables.