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Online training on euro banknotes and coins

The following online training courses are available:

  • Manual Cash Selection: designed for professionals who handle cash and must comply with regulations on the recirculation of euro banknotes and coins. It comprises six modules with information on euro banknotes and coins, recirculation rules and what to do if you suspect a banknote or coin is false.
  • Knowledge of the euro: designed for retailers and general public who wish to learn more about euro banknotes and coins when applied on daily transactions with cash. It comprises three modules with information on the euro banknotes and coins design and security features and what to do if you suspect a banknote or coin is false.

Both courses include a round of final questions. Answering more than half of the questions correctly allows you to download a diploma.

Professionals who handle cash, retailers and general public interested in the courses can use this contact form Opens in a new window or call 91 338 5999.