Banknotes and coins

Information required from entities and professionals

Pursuant to European Central Bank Decision of 16 September 2010 on checking the authenticity and fitness of euro banknotes and their recirculation, credit institutions and other professional cash handlers must provide information to the national central bank on the activity of fitness checking of euro banknotes. The Banco de España has also established in the Technical Cash Applications, the quarterly statistical information to be produced by entities subscribing to the General Conditions and the banknote fitness checking centres.

Also, the Regulation (UE) No 1210/2010 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 15 December 2010 concerning authentication of euro coins and handling of euro coins unfit for circulation, lays down the information that the aforementioned entities shall submit to the national central bank.

In this way, Eurosystem Member States oversee the recirculation of banknotes and coins and contribute to maintain the quality of circulating cash

Procedures for sending

The required information must be sent through the MRB computer application. The Accession Rules document specifies the different functionalities and channels (keying in the information on the terminal and/or sending a file), security requirements and accession procedures to MRB. Likewise, Users Manuals explain in detail both the operation of the screens and the structure of the files.

Furthermore, when sending the file, you must identify the machinery used, by means of the ECB coding system as stated in the attached list. This list will be updated at the start of each reporting period to include newly approved machinery and to retire any that is no longer valid.

Finally, when an entity wants to delegate the statement of data through MRB to other, both entities involved shall fulfill and process the attached    Modelo para la comunicación de datos estadísticos por terceros”

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