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The Euro grows: Croatia joins the Eurosystem.

As of January 1th, 2023, Croatia will join the Eurosystem, adopting the euro as its national currency. Banco de España will exchange Croatian kuna (HRK) banknotes from January 1th to February 28th, 2023, for euro banknotes and coins.

Accordingly, the irrevocable official exchange rate has been established at 7.53450 Croatian kunas per euro, with a maximum amount of 8,000 HRK per person per day, free of expenses and commissions. This operation can only be carried out at the windows of Banco de España offices open to the public in Madrid (Calle Alcalá, 48) and Barcelona (Plaza Cataluña, 17). To access our facilities, you must request an appointment by calling 913 385 000 or telematicallyOpens in a new window.

These are the only Croatian kuna banknotes that you can exchange for euros:

5 HRK Fran Krsto Frankopan y Petar Zrinski Old series (1993); new series (2001)
10 HRK Juraj Dobrila Old series (1993, 1995); new series (2001, 2004, 2012)
20 HRK Josip Jelačić Old series (1993); new series (2001, 2012, 2014)
50 HRK Ivan Gundulić Old series (1993); new series (2002, 2012)
100 HRK Ivan Mažuranić y un fragmento de la inscripción Baška del Convento de Santa Lucía en Baška en la Isla de Krk Old series (1993); new series (2002, 2012)
200 HRK Stjepan Radić Old series (1993); new series (2002, 2012)
500 HRK Marko Marulić 1993
1000 HRK Ante Starčević 1993

More information on the exchange of Croatian kunas on the website of the European Central BankOpens in a new window.

The exchange of Croatian kunas for euros is carried out on an exceptional and transitory basis. It is recalled that the Banco de España is not a commercial banking entity, therefore it does not offer banking services for buying and selling foreign currency.