Economic analysis and research

Applying for access

Researchers interested in access to BELab should send a CV together with a list of their research activities and the application form File PDF: Opens in a new window (1 MB) (*). The documents should be sent using the contact form on this same page. The application form also contains information on the co-authors not seeking access to the data and the institutions backing them.

The BELab Research Technical Evaluation Committee shall, after receiving the application, determine the applicant’s suitability for access to the microdata. It shall then communicate its decision by email to the applicant’s address.

Researchers whose research project is approved shall have access to the BELab laboratory over the commonly agreed period that is authorised, with the restrictions (identification card, timetable, etc.) and limitations (access without mobile devices) indicated in the “Guide to how BELab works File PDF: Opens in a new window (385 KB)”.

(*) Use Adobe Reader 9 or higher

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