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Microdata on debt securities issuers

This is a security-by-security microdata database of fixed-income issues in Spain (issued by both resident and non-resident issuers) and abroad (issued by resident issuers and their non-resident subsidiaries).

The data offered in BELab are part of the financial market data of the Banco de España’s Statistics Department.

Data source: the institution’s internal sources, the CNMV, the information available on the Bolsas y Mercados Españoles website, corporate reports, other information available on isssuing firms’ and international stock markets’ websites

Unit of analysis: issuers and issues

Frequency: monthly, quarterly and annual

Period: 2010 - 2020

Latest data extractionApril 2021

Identifier: NIF and ISIN code

Language available: Spanish

Data producer: Banco de España

User guideMicrodata on BEV Securities Issuers File PDF: Opens in a new window (462 KB)

Sample fileBEV sample file File CSV: Opens in a new window (173 KB)

Possibility of remote access: yes

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