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Microdata on the structures of non-financial corporate groups from the Central Balance Sheet Data Office (GRP)

Set of microdata on the structures of non-financial corporate groups whose parent companies are domiciled in Spain, but whose subsidiaries may be located anywhere in the world

Data source: Information obtained from the consolidated and individual annual accounts filed with the Mercantile Registries. In the case of listed groups, the information is obtained from the official statements filed with the CNMV, mainly from the annual report.

Unit of analysis: Parent and subordinated companies belonging to consolidated non-financial groups

Frequency: annual

Period: 2020

Last data extraction: June 2022

Identifier: tax identification number (NIF) and internal Identificator.

Languages available: Spanish and English

Data producer: Banco de España

User guide: Structures of non-financial corporate groups User Guide File PDF: Opens in a new window (594 KB)

Sample file: GRP_sample_file File CSV: Opens in a new window (159 KB)

Possibility of remote access: yes

DOI: 10.48719/BELab.GRP0622_01Opens in a new window

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