Economic analysis and research

Collaboration programmes

Analysis and economic research are essential for complying with the functions assigned to the Banco de España

As a training centre which promotes economic study, the Banco de España has implemented various programmes to encourage the presence of researchers at the Bank through their collaboration and participation in research projects.

Scholarships, research projects and grants of the Banco de España

Grants are offered to graduates to undertake research projects and research assistants internships are offered to recent graduates who contribute to the economic research undertaken at the Banco de España, working under the guidance of the heads of research

Similarly, there are programmes for conducting research for the Bank and for collaboration by experts and specialists to support the research undertaken by various departments at the Bank which target highly experienced academic and research experts.

Excellence in Education and Research Programme

As part of its raft of initiatives and action in the sphere of education, the Banco de España promotes its Excellence in Education and Research Programme directed at Spanish universities and think tanks.

The purpose of the programme is to promote excellence in teaching and research in macroeconomics, monetary policy, finance, supervision of the financial system and international economics by entering into collaboration agreements with universities and research centres.