June 2016

Chapter 6. Monetary financial institutions

Chapter 7. Banco de España

Chapter 8. Other monetary financial institutions

From this month onwards, the information provided in these chapters will be reorganised and extended. The main reason for these changes is the entry into force of Regulation (EU) No 1071/2013 of the European Central Bank concerning the balance sheet of the monetary financial institutions sector and its subsequent transposition into Spanish law through Circular 4/2004 (amended for these purposes by Circular 5/2014 of 28 November 2014).

As well as reorganising and renumbering the tables, which from now on will –excepting the summary tables in each chapter– be published in Eur billions for easier reading, new information will be available on the items below:

  • Syndicated loans to residents in Spain by counterpart sector;
  • Convenience and extended debt credit cards;
  • Transferable deposits by counterpart sector;
  • Further details on counterpart sectors and instruments.

 Chapter 14. Local governments

Table 14.6. has been modified in order to provide more detailed information on debt according to the Excessive Deficit Procedure (EDP). Banco de España came broadcasting, on a quarterly basis, detailed information on debt of the 6 main municipalities (more than 500.000 inhabitants), that is, Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Seville, Valencia and Zaragoza. This table has been modified to offer information related to municipalities with more than 300.000 inhabitants, including Alicante, Bilbao, Córdoba, Murcia, Palma de Mallorca, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Valladolid to the previous ones.

Moreover, the content of table 14.8. is modified with the new detail introduced in table 14.6. and a new table 14.9. is created, which incorporates historic data of the 13 municipalities with more than 300.000 inhabitants.


Chapter 17. Balance of Payments and International Investment Position

As announced in the press release of 26 May,[1] the publication of 2016 Q1 data entailed the addition of new tables to Chapter 17 of the Statistical Bulletin and changes to some of the tables already existing in that chapter. As indicated in that press release, the purpose of these changes is to unify the access routes to balance of payments and international investment position statistics compiled by the Banco de España so as to make all data available in Chapter 17, including the material previously presented in the annual publication “Balanza de pagos y posición de inversion internacional”.

 The main changes are as follows:

  •  Changes to existing tables. Tables 17.5, 17.10, 17.11, 17.14, 17.15, 17.23, 17.24, 17.28 and 17.29 give an additional sectoral breakdown through the inclusion of data on non-monetary financial institutions (NMFIs). Also, the changes to Tables 17.10 and 17.14 meant that Tables 17.9 and 17.13 had to be restructured.
  •  New tables: Table 17.5a containing the breakdown of investment income by functional category; Table 17.6a showing payments of workers’ remittances for the main countries; Table 17.31 giving information on gross external debt by institutional sector and financial instrument; and Tables 17.40 and 17.41 including the breakdown by institutional sector of direct investment positions and transactions according to the directional principle, respectively. These new tables have been numbered so as not to alter the existing numbering and to affect users’ data compilation procedures as little as possible.

 Further, the additional annual information contained in the publication “Balanza de pagos y posición de inversión internacional”, consisting basically of geographical breakdowns, will be included in the Statistical Bulletin for the first time in October, as indicated in the aforementioned press release.


[1]Opens in a new window  http://www.bde.es/f/webbde/GAP/Secciones/SalaPrensa/NotasInformativas/16/Arc/Fic/presbe2016_24.pdfOpens in a new window