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Disclaimer. The Curriculum Vitae in this page, and any links from this page to websites outside of the domain, are the sole responsibility of Mario Izquierdo Peinado. The Banco de España is not responsible for their content.

Mario Izquierdo Peinado

Unit Head
Labour Market Unit
Economic Policy Analysis Division
Economic Analysis and Forecasting Department
DG Economics, Statistics, and Research

Contact Information

  • Address: Calle Alcalá 48, 28014 Madrid, España
  • e-mail:

Fields of Interest

  • No fields of interest specified.

JEL Codes

  • No JEL Codes specified.

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications and Working Papers

  • “Price, Wage and Employment Response to Shocks: Evidence from the WDN Survey”
    Mario Izquierdo, G. Bertola, A. Dabusinkas, M. Hoeberichts, C. Kwapil, J. Montornés and D. Radowski
    Labour Economics - (forthcoming)
  • “The contribution of changes in employment composition and relative returns to the evolution of wage inequality: the case of Spain”
    Mario Izquierdo and Aitor Lacuesta (2011-01)
    Journal of Population Economics - 25 (2), pp. 511-543
  • “The Causes and Consequences of Nominal and Real Wage Ridigity: a Sectoral Approach”
    Mario Izquierdo, J. Messina, P. du Caju, C. F. Duarte and N. Hansen (2010-01)
    Journal of the European Economic Association, Papers and Proceedings - 8 (2-3), pp. 487-496
  • “On the aggregate effects of immigration”
    Juan F. Jimeno, Mario Izquierdo y Juan A. Rojas (2010-09)
    SERIEs - 4, pp. 409-432
    JEL codes: E20, J10
  • “Assimilation of Immigrants in Spain: a Longitudinal Analysis”
    Aitor Lacuesta, Mario Izquierdo and Raquel Vegas (2009-11)
    Labour Economics - 16, pp. 669-678

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